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Tulsa Aristocrats

{a·ris·to·crat əˈristəˌkrat/noun:  seeking the best of everything}
ThePulse of TULSA 

about us

Our writers are everyday citizens and business owners in Tulsa who seek to inform and connect their community.  Their mission is to explore the world our readers create and promote the interaction among the diversity that is "The Pulse of Tulsa."

Tulsa Aristocrats' purpose is to connect residents to the city, to each other, open discussion and share information.

If traditional news is leaving you flat, try Tulsa Aristocrats. 

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Featured articles by Tulsa writers! The Tulsa Aristocrats News Magazine covers topics important to the Tulsa community. We feature events, showcase different businesses and have informative, educational articles relevant to our hometown! Thank you for stopping by! 

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