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Brookside Pottery with artist Linda Rimstidt Coward

Brookside Pottery is located at 415 S Boston Ave Tulsa, Oklahoma (918) 697-6364

Touted as a Gallery and Studio for pottery and painting and a place to go for date nights with friends and family, welcome by appointment with lots of personal attention and care.

Click either picture and find Brookside Pottery on Facebook... and have fun!

Linda started Brookside Pottery started in Tulsa in 1991. It is a working pottery studio with stoneware sculpture and dinnerware, clay glazes tools and equipment. She have been making pottery and sculpture for over 40 years. In 1978 she finished her master's degree in ceramics from the University of Tennessee. Linda taught art at Webb middle school then moved to Emory Va where she started Meadow view Pottery Workshop and taught part time at Emory and Henry College. Her and husband John moved to Austin Texas for his PHD and she worked at pottery shop Feats of Clay for 4 1/2 years. After a short stay in Norman OK for two years they moved to Tulsa where she started Brookside Pottery about 28 years ago.

Linda studied with many significant potters across the nation including Fawn Navasie, Richard Zaken, Sylvia Hyman, Josh Deweiss, Hal Reiger and more with showings in McClung Museum, Knoxville a couple of times, won various sculpture awards and was featured in 25 potters in OK in Studio Potter magazine. She loves raising her family and going to the movies with her husband. And, if she isn't at home she is probably traveling in some exotic place and writing.

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