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Low Moral Compass by Joe Harwell

Press Release:

Low Moral Compass by Joe Harwell

August 7, 2019, Tulsa Oklahoma.

Novel puts a murderous spin on the history of the Tulsa Camelot Hotel. Eight of the nine novels released by Tulsa writer Joe Harwell since 2009 are steeped in historical events and the people of Oklahoma and Arkansas. His unique ability to meld fiction into history has never been more evident than in the upcoming novel, Low Moral Compass.

Set in oil boom and bust 1980s Tulsa, key scenes take place in the iconic Red Lion Club at the Camelot Hotel. Low Moral Compass is a murder for hire story for adult readers with sex as the currency of payment. Joe, who grew up in Poteau said, “I write the places and people I know. Stories take place somewhere and the people and land of Oklahoma provide rich substance. Our history as a state is full of complex, celebrated, and sometimes tragic events to shape stories around. ”In addition to interesting historical storylines, his novels are character driven. “Low Moral Compass began as an idea in 2013 for the female lead character, Sina Larue Battiest was abandoned as an infant at a convent in Plaquemines Parish, LA by her barely literate, prostitute mother in 1954. A scrawled note read, “Take care of my lil sinna baby”, and Sina insists on her name being pronounced as Sin, with an A.In 1980s Tulsa, Sin, with an A, meets Clive Hill at an after-hours business mixer at the Red Lion Club. Clive, an Army Special Forces veteran, is making the most of his military training in telecommunications as a top salesman in the heyday of the post AT&T/Bell divestiture. But it’s his skills as a sharpshooter Sina is interested in exploiting. Philandering husbands, inconvenient wives, sickeningly honest business partners and pesky competitors will soon have Hell to pay for this lustful, unheavenly match of deviousness, and the low moral compass of Sina and Clive. Low Moral Compass is in final edit for October release. “This is the most heavily vetted novel I’ve written, and the first with a talented co writer,” said Joe.

A four chapter, PG14 preview of Low Moral Compass is at his website where fans may preorder signed print or eBook copies

First chapter previews of all nine Joe Harwell novels are on the website. In addition to self-publishing his own work, Joe assists other writers to publish novels and memoirs. His contact email is

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