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Dope Soul Catering + Food Truck in Tulsa

At first glance you think the name means that this truck Soul Food ONLY truck, as defined by society they do not sell traditional soul food but they are not sell a limited menu, so providing food with soul is all they do.

I was at the a gathering with about 120 corporate friends when the tantalizing smells coming from the buffet line became overwhelming. The food was wonderful! I would say probably the top 3 in Tulsa for catering of a large group. I felt absolutely satiated from appetizer to entree, I would comment on dessert but I skipped dessert because there was not another bite I could have added to my stomach even if I had wanted too.

I knew the food was good when there was no chatter when the guest speaker stood up to talk. The service was excellent.

I asked some question and found out they Dope Soul is booked pretty heavily for corporate catering and events. All I know is that I look forward to eating at the truck every time I see them at an event.

Their food made the whole evening wonderful.


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