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HelmZar, Farwell

Tulsa’s best kept secret, HelmZar Challenge Course, will close June 30, 2017 due to necessary budget cuts from Tulsa Public Schools. The facility has been an integral part of the TPS 6th, 8th and 9th grades, as well as many other schools, teams and programs, not just in Tulsa but surrounding areas and states.

For TPS, the cuts eliminate three administrative rolls; but in reality, the cuts effect over 20 instructors whose heart’s still fill the entirety of the campus, located on North Quaker. Firemen, college students, retired teachers and a few moms lost their incomes as well. They trained hard and gave their hearts to every individual that walked through the door. Unfortunately, HelmZar was never given a voice. The time eventually given for HelmZar to represent themselves was after the board voted. Unknown to us, unknown to Tulsa. It’s okay though. As instructors, we always wanted to facilitate each day so every participant, no matter how they felt coming into their day (which was usually a bit freaked-out upon arriving and seeing the elements, rock walls and kayaks), could grow and leave with something positive to take with them, to make a difference.

So that is what we will do... I think I can speak for us all and say how thankful we are for the time we had to help change lives through “teamwork”; communicating, listening, trusting, using integrity, being positive, having each other’s backs, growing, learning, stepping out of your comfort zones, just to name a few. We are a family and we have been so grateful to be a part of every group that has walked through the doors since 2007. HelmZar may close, but hopefully something can save the facility and what it does for Tulsa. If not, if you have ever been a part of our family, please pay it forward and remember; play safe, play hard, play fair and have fun.

Enjoy a few pictures and notes from our instructors...

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