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Letter From the Editor

Seeking the Best of Everything

Tulsa Aristocrats magazine is for those seeking the best of everything. That’s not to be mistaken for the materialistic offerings that are easily obtained with the right amount of money. Often, the best things are only attained with the investment of time and the acquiring of certain knowledge. I have spent the better part of my life in Tulsa and have witnessed a community seeking the best of everything. We, at Tulsa Aristocrats, are seeking to resolve the disconnect that hinders us from truly experiencing the best of what Tulsa offers. We strive to reflect the diversity of our community in the diversity of our writers in order to create more integrated information for our readers. As Tulsans, we love our town but we also see room for improvement, constantly seeking that piece that forms the bonds of an unbreakable community because that is what truly makes this place home. We believe that starts simply, by sharing who we are and intertwining our roots.

We are reaching out to our community and asking, no matter your background, to reach back. We want your voice to be heard, to make the world a little better of a place; it starts with the individual. We will be posting a community calendar that will hopefully envelope all communities throughout Tulsa. It will be an invitation to step out of your comfort zone and to make trying something, the norm. We know that language can often be the biggest barrier to stepping into humans are built for learning. Another of our goals is for Tulsa Aristocrats to be a multilingual, multicultural community magazine. We feel that, sharing knowledge and experience should not be hindered by such a small barrier, especially with available technology. Our greatest resource and potential for growth is each other.

Ultimately, our mission is to find the best through connecting, it’s our heart. Our featured artist this month, Johnnie Lee Diacon, captured the heart of our purpose saying, “By exploring the traditional stories and life ways of the Mvskoke in an artistic form that can be appreciated by both native and non-native alike, I hope to nurture an understanding between cultures.”

Also, this is an interactive magazine, so have fun and click on some of the links and pictures to find out more about our writers and sponsors.


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