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It’s a simple thing really, so simple,

we take it for granted. Kindness is

something that is easily accessible,

really not that difficult, doesn’t

cost a thing and even the most

selfish of people can take part,

if they choose.

Kindness is a lost art in our world.

Sometimes, in the midst of new:

politics, construction, traffic and

life it’s lost. Regardless of any of

those things, it is still the simplest

of ways to help someone’s heart.

Maybe wave someone over in

traffic, open a door, smile or say

hello. You can pay it forward at

Starbucks if you choose but for

those who don’t go to Starbucks,

well, we’re just left out completely.

Kindness should be an attitude,

Crystals Garden & Flowers

a moment of graciousness and

positive energy given to someone

unconditionally. They say a candle

loses nothing by lighting another

candle. So is the same with

kindness. It could change a

moment in someone’s day and

that moment could change

the entire dynamic of another

person’s day. in turn affecting

someone else. Random bursts of

kindness, helping hearts are like

candles lighting other candles.

All from a simple, small, act of

kindness. It could be endless.

It’s free. It’s relevant. Be kind.

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