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Good Morning Mr. President

Lately my morning routine has changed. Taking a deep breath, stretching and smiling at the thought of a new day, has trolled into a mad rush for a phone or electronic device to hear what the presidents’ done now. Have I morphed into something unrecognizable or am I simply more engaged? It’s hilarious and terrifying at the same time and it’s trending nationwide. What happened to empathy and compassion, to we the people, to justice for all? Was change so high on the voter’s list, liberty and equality were ignored? “Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows,” a familiar line from Shakespeare’s The Tempest, sums it up for some, obscures and befuddles others.

Today we find ourselves prisoner to agitated eccentrics lacking political alliances or common cause. Tornados of ideas and opinions not based on fact or knowledge swirl across open plains, scuttle up walls of government buildings and obstruct the ambiance of family gatherings. Politically sanctioned prejudice in its purest form is at an all- time high. Partiality, predisposition, prejudgment and preconception make me long for a man of all seasons; wrapped in principles, envied by all.

Despite the battle ragging in the hearts of many, or those rejoicing at the changing of the guards, despite marches and gatherings, real news and fake news, regular people still live regular lives. There are those who pay absolutely no attention to politics and those who swear by their local news. There are those who “don’t know what all the fuss is about,” and those who hang on his every word. Lastly there are those who are directly affected by every executive order, every bill and every change. They depend on activist like me – trolled into a mad rush each morning, to hear, form a judgement and write a review about what the presidents’ done now.


Shirley Howard Hall is a Freelance Writer, Author, Poet and Speaker in Broken Arrow Oklahoma

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