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IN MEMORIAM: Jackie Dill


By Brad Wilson

We are saying goodbye (Kila) to one of the most incredible and inspiring women I have ever known. Jackie Lynn Dill was the first neighbor I met as the Director at St. Francis of the Woods. She quickly became one of my closest friends. She had so much to teach. Deep knowledge of the earth and its resources passed from her grandmother, to her, to her many grandchildren (biological and otherwise). I am lucky to have known her for the last three years. Lucky to have shared many meals, and walks, and back country roads with her. Lucky to have loved and been loved by the incredible force that is Jackie Dill. Wado, Jackie.

Jackie Lynn Dill was born April 5, 1953. She went to be with her Creator on June 29, 2017. She was preceded in her journey by the love of her life, James "Jim" Dill. She is survived by two daughters, Heather Welcome and Jonelle Smalley, and five granddaughters.

O Great Spirit, Our Creator, we thank you for the life of Jackie, for her deep knowledge and deep love. We thank you for the care she has given to our Mother Earth, and the wisdom she has shared with us.

Great Spirit of Love, set her free from every bond and tribulation. Let Light perpetual shine upon her. Grant her rest in a place of vast prairies where tatanka roam, where there is neither sorrow nor pain.

Great Spirit of Creation, with each sunset you remind us that we must fade into you. Give Jackie a beautiful color, give her a great sky for setting. That she may come to meet you in glory. And grant that we who remain may feel her presence and love with us wherever we go. Aho and Amen.

Jackie Dill Oklahoma Wildcrafting Tulsa Aristocrats

Jackie Dill She’s Oklahoma Wildcrafting

Poem by: Victoria Nichols-Morris

Jackie Dill oh Jackie Dill

Her roots go deep and deeper still

In Heritage Tradition, she’s so skilled

She’s teaching Oklahoma Wildcrafting.

Jackie Dill oh Jackie Dill

Says Foraging Ethics we best learn

Else, a tossed rock you may earn

She’s safeguarding Oklahoma Wildcrafting.

Jackie Dill Our Jackie Dill

She’s taking us by the hand

Leading us through verdant land

We’re proud being Oklahoma Wildcrafting.

Jackie Dill oh Jackie Dill

Given’ those greedy bastards hell

Her heart goes deeper than any oil well

She’s protecting Oklahoma Wildcrafting.

Jackie Dill oh Jackie Dill

They could not take her strength of will

Proud and strong, she’s fighting still

Still fighting for Oklahoma Wildcrafting.

Jackie Dill oh Jackie Dill

There’s painful tears at her passing,

For those who knew a legacy everlasting

Everlasting, she’s Oklahoma Wildcrafting.

Jackie Dill oh Jackie Dill

She’s Oklahoma Wildcrafting

She’s Oklahoma Wildcrafting

Rest in peace, our dear friend

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